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What Katie Wore

What Katie Wore: The End!

Today marks the three year anniversary of What Katie Wore. And, its end.

We’re sorry to say that as of today, we’re retiring from the blogging game :(

Since we started this thing way back in 2009 the missus has worn over 1,000 different outfits and been seen by more than 5 million people in over 100 countries. Not bad going for something that started as a bet after Katie complained about me never writing her any love letters. I reckon I’ve now won that bet.

Doing the blog has been tonnes of fun. It’s brought us closer together. And it’s made us very happy indeed. A huge thank you to everyone that’s popped by, left us a comment, dropped us a tweet or given Katie something to wear. (An especially massive thank you to Mr. Anthony Burrill for creating the special one-off print above to mark the end of the blog).

Without the blog we’re going to be able to spend lots more time together – probably either eating Chinese food or fixing up our little house. Keep in touch and we’ll let you know what’s next. There will definitely be something…

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Love to you all. And thanks again for all the good times.



What Katie Wore

Taken Before The DIY Mishap

Alas, I’m going to need to add “wire a light fitting” to the long list of things I’m unable to do (alongside backwards rollerskating and writing with a fountain pen). There will be light in the kitchen again. But not today.

Katie wears Anjli London twinkly bracelets, Abilu Creations hair butterfly as a brooch and a Prada leather skirt (inside out – it’s actually brown).

Tune in tomorrow. We’ve got something to tell you.


What Katie Wore

Taken In Front of the Tilt Piece

Today we’ve done a bit of hingin’ aboot, smashed a bit of DIY, ate some Chinese greens and necked a couple of boozes. All in all, an excellent (albeit unremarkable) Sunday.

Cool pic though, eh? There’s a new piece of graffiti from French artist Tilt near K’s agency – it’s a Union flag made from the lyrics of Anarchy In The UK. Profound? Probs not. Nice to look at: yes.

She wears a Chloe belt, Wolford blue tiger print dress and Jane’s Escada shoes.

What Katie Wore

Taken On A Momentous Day

Pretty special day today. Pretty special. Was there a proposal? No. A pregnancy? No. But… we did find an amazing sofa for the new house. And we got money off. That’s just the kind of thing that really gets us excited nowadays. Oh, and then went to the butchers and made some meatballs. We’ll maybe go clubbing next week.

Katie wears vintage dress from Upstyler, Dolly Knits wool bow tie and Bebaroque tights. Nice eh?

What Katie Wore

Taken On The Walk In

I had a meeting over in Shoreditch this morning so me and the girl walked in to work together. We really have become the personification of domesticity (Katie made me courgette fritters last night).

What are you doing at the weekend? We’re off to some salvage furniture place in Oxford. Mental fun times.

Katie wears New Look fluffy jacket, stunningly good Pink Paula Rowan gloves (check out their site), Manoush dress and Thomas Pink shirt dress. Laterz.


What Katie Wore

Taken On Ultraviolence Thursday

Have I already made enough Bowler Hat Katie / Clockwork Orange on Acid jokes? I probably have.

She wears her dad’s bowler hat, excellent Dark Horse neon tassel jewellery, and a silk top, neon t-shirt and black skirt all from Cos.


What Katie Wore

Taken On Abel & Cole Wednesday

First day back and it was actually rather good fun. I feel like I’ve been laughing all day. Which may, in part at least, have something to do with a couple of glasses of merlot at lunch and a couple of winter ales this evening. PLUS, it’s our favourite [middle-class-hipster] day of the week – the day Abel & Cole deliver our amazing mystery box of vegetables and we eat healthy greens and feel smug. Today Katie raided the Nigel Slater book and made baked fennel with parmesan and giant pepper stuffed with umami lentils. Totes amaze.

She wears Orla Kiely dress, Manoush gypsy poncho thing and H&M hat.

What Katie Wore

Taken In Chinatown

Holla! We’re back in the LDN after the most relaxing, laid back Christmas and New Year on record. So, naturally we were itching to get into the sales (I cleared out Liberty of their old menswear stock, cheers lads) and then we crammed some dumplings down our necks in Chinatown. It was well good.

Katie wears gold kicks from Zara, Cos tights, coat from Luella and her amazing new “Lily Twist” D&G handbag (a Christmas prezzie from her mum and dad).

Work tomoz. 2012 is going to be an excellent year I reckon. See how I feel about that tomorrow evening.

What Katie Wore

Taken On The Last Night In Portugal

Here’s the missus on our balcony overlooking the 3rd green. We were first out on the course this morning and it was absolutely glorious. So much so, I’ve got a new resolution: play more golf. That’s me in the purple trousers, putting a ball like a boss and flexing to celebrate (very possibly the only good shot I hit all morning).

Katie wears Zara shoes, ASOS trousers, Pringle top and a necklace from Fee Fee La Fou Enterprises (will do a close up another day – it was a Christmas present from me).

Alas, we’re back to London tomorrow. First, time for a last hurrah out at Restaurant Henrique Leis. Nom nom nom.

What Katie Wore

Taken On New Year’s Day

Feliz Natal! Hope you all had excellent nights yesterday. We killed the hangover (what hangover?) with an early morning dip in the freezing Atlantic and then took a very long, very leisurely, mildly boozy, fish lunch at Julia’s beach bar. Katie wears a vintage dress, b-store shoes and Jean-Paul Gaultier sunnies.

My new year rezzos include:

1. Get off the fags.

2. Lose the booze fat.

3. Grow my own vegetables.

4. Take Katie on as many holidays as possible.

What are yours?

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