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taken back in the smoke

what katie wore back in the smoke

The missus and I returned back to the Smoke this afternoon (Air France weren’t even that bad).  As all the shops and restaurants seem to be closed, we’re currently concocting something to eat out of the remnants in the house – FYI: some Stilton, a tube of tomato puree, some dodgy looking anchovies, a bottle of Beaujolais (substandard) and a bottle of Shiraz (Vin de Merde).

Apropos all your questions about what’s going to happen when the year’s up (Jan 10th 2010 I believe) I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see! We’re not really sure ourselves to be honest. We’ve utterly loved doing the blog these past 12 months but you’d be amazed how much time it takes up!

Today Katie is wearing comfy clothes for flying in: a Motel Rocks cardigan, Pepper Tree dress, Queene and Belle vest and a Christmas prezzie necklace from her mum.

Finally, we got a wee shout out in The Sunday Times Style Magazine today. Thank you Style journos! And if you’re here for the first time after reading about the blog, we hope you like it. Let us know what you think. Or better still, let me know a recipe for Stilton and anchovies marinated in Shiraz.


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