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taken when joe called in sick

what katie wore when joe called in sick

Urgh, I feel even worse today. Whiskey and wine clearly couldn’t kill off my cold and so I’m spending the day in bed. It will be just me, Super Mario and Jeremy Kyle. Quite the ménage à trois.

I was just about able to drag myself from under the covers to take a quick picture of the adorable Katie this morning. Rabbit scarf, TK Maxx pleated coat, them Russell and Bromley boots again…and one of the coolest handbags I’ve ever seen. It’s from the new Smythson collection and was a Christmas present from Katie’s mum and dad. Wow! (I think it’s meant to be used as a travel vanity case for make-up but who cares?)

Finally, after just day one of the WKW Challenge, we’ve already received a few of your pictures! Don’t you all look brilliant?! But we want more. So get photographing and emailing to joe@whatkatiewore.com

No excuses!


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