What Katie Wore - A Different Outfit Every Day

What Katie Wore

taken on day 365!!!

what katie wore in red

what katie wore in orange

what katie wore in yellow

what katie wore in green

what katie wore in blue

what katie wore in purple

what katie wore in pink


That’s it folks. A different outfit every day for a year. Who said I wasn’t romantic?!

This has been the best year for both of us. Thank you so much to everybody who has checked out the blog, left a comment, pinged us an email, sent in a picture or given Katie something to wear. We never for a moment expected so many people to be interested in what an ordinary girl from a little village in Fife wore each day. We hope that our blog has brought a little bit of sunshine and inspiration to all of you.

We’ve been thinking long and hard about what to next. Thank you for literally hundreds of comments, emails, tweets and suicide threats we’ve had asking us not to stop. Turns out, they’ve worked! We love making this blog and, as it seems you love looking at it, we’re struggling to think of any good reason to stop.

For the next week, Katie’s having some time off from having her picture taken (to presumably wear slovenly tracksuits, jeans and Ugg boots) and so I’ll be posting your pictures instead – they’re genuinely excellent, it turns out we’ve got a very cool readership.

She’ll be back in a week – we’re still talking about exactly if and how the blog will change. Seeing how this has become your blog just as much as it’s ours, all of your suggestions will be very gratefully received!

Until then, thanks for an awesome year. We’re off to the boozer.

Joe and Katie xxx


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