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what you wore: the first installment…

Ok, so here goes.

We’ve had some brilliant shots sent in. Here are the first pics in alphabetical order. Don’t you all look HOT!

I’ve done my best to spell your names right and link to your websites but apologies if I’ve made any mistakes.

What Abbey Wore…

Here’s Abbey from Derby in a vintage Jaeger jacket and some Harrods tights. Love it!

What Abbey Wore

What Ali Wore…

How cute is Ali?! She’s from NYC and is in an outfit her mum wore on the Orient Express.

What Ali Wore

What Bunny Wore…

Bunny (AKA Amanda) has been following WKW for ages. She’s mega-glam. We like her Vivienne Westwood bag and Louis Vuitton scarf especially.

What Bunny Wore

What Amélie Wore…

From France, of course, in a lovely Zara dress.


What Amy Wore…

From Confessions of a Fashion Editor.

Amy Claire

What Anna Wore…

Love the collar. It’s Anna from Wonderlander.

What Anna Wore

What Anja and Sonja Wore…

Very cute. I think Anja and Sonja might be twins too.

Anja and Sonja

What Anne Wore…

An accessory designer from Berlin. AKA Frollein von Sofa.

What Anne Wore

What Anne Wore…

Anne’s from Edinburgh and is seriously big on renewable energy. That, and making her own gloves and hat decorations.


What Ayumi Wore…

Ayu works at Tabio, makers of brilliantly brightly coloured tights

Ayumi at Tabio 009

What Becca Wore…

Becca from Leicestershire is doing some experimental camera angle thing here. I like it.

What Becca Wore

What Becka Wore…

Currently studying for a PhD (so soon to be Dr. Becka to you proles). We like the Reiss skirt espesh.

What Becka Wore

What Barbara Wore…

It’s Barbara Blake from Beckenham. Nice accessories.

What Barbara Wore

Right… hope that’s sated your appetites for looking at people wearing clothes. More tomorrow.


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