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What You Wore

what you wore: the second installment…

Another haul of excellent What You Wore pics. Thanks to everyone who has sent one in.

Katie will return to your screens in a matter of days but until then, check out this lot…

What Cat Wore…

We especially like Cat’s necklace.

What Cat Wore

What Ceri Wore…

Nice floral dress and Uttam tights combo with M&S shoes.

What Ceri Wore

What Charlene Wore…

Great pic from Japanese blogger Charlene of Candy Kawaii Lover. They are some serious boots.

What Charlene Wore

What Cherie Wore…

We like Cherie a lot – she sent Katie a wool necklace very similar to the one she’s wearing below. You can see Katie in it here.

What Cherie Wore

What Claire Wore…

A welcome chance to see what Claire’s bathroom looks like! The jumper is Jane Norman. The bubble bath is Radox.

What Claire Wore

What Claire Wore…

A bit blurry, but no doubt very nice.

What Claire 2 Wore

What Clare Wore…

Thanks to Jo for sending in this brilliant pic of her friend Clare from Second Hand Rose in vintage polka dots and Kurt Geiger heels. Clare looks like lots of fun!

What Clare Wore

What Clarice Wore…

How cool is Clarice?! She is, of course, from Rio de Janeiro. She wears her mum’s 80’s jumpsuit and pink Ray-Bans. This is one of Katie’s favourites, for obvious reasons!

What Clarice Wore WKW

What Dare Wore…

Our first group picture comes from top digital marketing agency Dare. Good for them. I’ve a feeling you’ll be seeing a few of their individual entries in due course. Aren’t they hot?

What Dare Wore WKW

What Deborah Wore…

The lovely Deborah sent Katie a gorgeous corset not so long ago. Here she is chilling on her terrace in Sevilla wearing clothes from her own boutique Ajena a la Moda (trans: Beyond Fashion).

What Deborah Wore

What Deirdre Wore…

Here’s Deirdre from brilliant Irish boutique Quack + Dirk in an Emanuel Ungaro dress. Katie’s worn one of Deirdre’s skirts before – you can see it here.

What Deirdre Wore

What Emily Wore…

Here’s Emily from Sugar and Spice wearing a New Look jumper dress and very cool Office brogues.

What Emily Wore

What Emily Wore…

This is one of my personal favourites even though it’s a bit blurry – Emily wears black and white two tone ASOS tights and a very desirable charity shop bowler in the snow. I really want an American Indian sweatshirt.

What Emily Wore with Sophie

What Sophie Wore…

She’s in a Topshop cat hat and a charity shop reindeer coat. Good snow clothes. Good inward pointy feet.

What Sophie Wore with Emily

What Erin Wore…

Err, Louboutin alert!!! Wow.

What Erin Wore

Hope this lot keeps you all busy for the day. It’s Bitchbag’s turn tomorrow.


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