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What You Wore

what you wore: the third installment…

And so the What You Wore format lumbers on into day three. It’s actually proving to be rather popular! It’s great to see what a cool and stylish readership WKW has. And it’s lovely to see that you’ll all being nice and complementary to each other and making friends. Good good.

Some especially cool pics today.

What Eyeliah Wore…

Here’s Eyeliah from Style Symmetry all the way from Vancouver in lovely rainbow dress and ballet flats both from ebay.

What Eyeliah Wore

What Flore Wore…

Flore is from Germany. And Flore is very cool. Camera necklace = awesome (she made it herself). She sent in loads of fantastic pics, such a shame there’s not enough room to show them all.

What Flore Wore

What Florrie Wore…

We met Florrie at a bloggy thing – she writes Intrinsically Florrie. The Prada stockings are FRESH.

What Florrie Wore

What Frances Wore…

Frances is from Sydney and is into leaf vacuuming, gin and cool dresses – this one’s from Grab. She writes the Corpulent blog.

What Frances Wore

What Freddie Wore…

Freddie is sooo adorably cute! She’s wearing a primarily Topshop sourced outfit.

What Freddie Wore

What Hannah Wore…

Another gorgeous pic. Another pretty girl who likes to wear skirts as dresses. This one is from a very cool shop called House of Pandora.

What Hannah Wore

What Hebden Wore…

The enigmatic Headless Hebden from Style…a work in progress in a vintage Joseph sweater and Cacharel skirt. Lovely pieces.

What Hebden Wore

What Helen Wore…

Here’s the lovely Helen from child cancer charity CLIC Sargent.

What Helen Wore

What Ioana Wore…

Ioana’s from Bucharest and wears a lovely coat from Miss Selfridge and walking shoes from Romanian brand Musette.

What Ioana Wore

What Jo Wore…

Hot teacher Jo is wearing an All Saints dress and leggings from Urban Outfitters.

What Jo Wore

What Jo Wore…

It’s only Jo from Dolly Knits! She’s made a bow tie for Katie once and she made the hat she’s wearing too. And she’s got one of those cool Jammie Dodger brooches from Homemade Home. Katie’s got one too.

What Jo Wore 2

What Jo Wore…

It’s my mate Jo looking radiant. She’s got a nice blog you might like called Bella di Nonna.

What Jo Wore 3

What Kat Wore…

We love this pic!

What Kat Wore

What Katrina Wore…

Here’s Katrina from West Brom on her day off reppin’ in her boyfriends bandana  and house Uggs. Looks very comfy.

What Katrina Wore

What Kirsty Wore…

Lovely pic from fellow Scot Kirsty in a very pretty All Saints dress.

What Kirsty Wore

What Bitchbag Wore…

Oh Lordy Jah. You best believe this is a special one. Here’s one very dashing Bitchbag (AKA Dip). Wow. The croissant brooch.The candy cane cufflinks.  The pedigree Exotic Shorthair cat. What are we saying folks? Hot or not? (I would).
What Bitchbag Wore


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