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what you wore: the fourth installment…

Hello all.

Only a few days until Katie reappears on your screen (which can’t come soon enough to be honest – anything to get her out of her tracksuit and Crocs).

Yesterday’s WYW was pretty good wasn’t it? Ready for some more pics? Good.

What Laura Wore…

Great snow coat. Which is apparently known as “Morgan” in Laura’s house. It’s probably good to give coats names.

What Laura Wore

What Laura Wore…

Here’s Laura! She’s already been on here in a group picture from Dare but apparently that wasn’t enough. Great pic, taken outside her Dalston mansion wearing pretty much everything Dorothy Perkins sell. Lovely.

What Laura Wore 2

What Logsy Wore…

Yes!!! Here’s Logsy! What a cool pic. The jumper’s from Retro Rehab, the bumbag is Ryan Vintage and the camera is a beautiful Agfa Silette (still in working order).

What Logsy Wore

What The Washerwoman Wore…

…to the Wychwood Festival. Nice vintage dress. Here’s the Washerwoman’s blog.

What Liz Wore

What Liza Wore…

Liza and her friend base their daily outfits around themes. This one was “rainbow”.

What Liza Wore

What Lydia Wore…

What a truly splendid charity shop dress! Nice one Lydia. We like the Topshop skull necklace too.

What Lydia Wore

What Madeleine Wore…

La vue de la petite Madeleine ne m’avait rien rappelé avant que je n’y eusse goûté. Tatty Devine necklace and big fur hat. Very cool, very Katie-like!

What Madeleine Wore

What Maggie Wore…

Meet Maggie. This brilliant picture was sent in by her lovely daughter, Lesley. We’re thrilled to have her up on our blog. All of her clothes are from little shops in France.

What Maggie Wore

What Margrét and her family Wore…

…at Old Year’s Night in Reykjavík. We love dad’s topper bought on the Piccadilly Circus over 60 years ago.

What Margrét Wore

What Matthanee Wore…

Matthanee’s an artist living in beautiful Yorkshire. Cool polka dots!

What Matthanee Wore

What Melissa Wore…

Isn’t this a cool party outfit. Brilliant bag (from Primark but looks mega £££) and Warehouse dress.

What Melissa Wore

What Meza Wore…

This comes all the way from South Africa. Shoes and leggings from Edgars. Very summery.

What Meza Wore

What Michelle Wore…

How wonderful is this?!!

What Michelle Wore

What Minke Wore…

Minke’s from Amsterdam and is wearing Carmen Wong open toed boots and jacket and bird cage necklace from Jutka & Riska. I’d love it if this was taken in her gigantic wardrobe!

What Minke Wore

What Molly Wore…

Here’s Molly from South London. We love her Tatty Devine lollipop necklace!

What Molly Wore

What Rob Wore…

OMG! I’m sorry to say I know this man. By day, a mild mannered advertising exec. A night…well, whatever this is.



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