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Taken on Tatty D Day

What Katie Wore On Tatty D Day

Tatty Devine Katie and Joe

Hello! First of all, you might have noticed that WKW looks a wee bit different today – we’ve started running a couple of adverts on the site. We’re sorry if you’re not so keen – but we do both work in advertising and to be honest, I’m amazed we’ve held out for so long! We’re sure that it won’t affect your daily viewing enjoyment and know that you won’t begrudge us saving up a few pennies to put in the buy-Katie-a-sparkly-ring fund. Or a bottle of gin as big as the Ritz.

I love the way that today Katie has effortlessly coordinated her two-tone American Apparel tights with the two framed prints that I’ve yet to hang on the wall. Today her shoes are lovely little patent Carvela numbers, the sequin thing is vintage but the pièces de résistance are the awesome Joe and Katie necklaces from the wonderful Tatty Devine!! How cool!

What do you fink? Oh, and if you haven’t seen them already, don’t forget to check out the lovely Hannah et Hannah over on What You Wore.



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