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What Katie Wore

Taken In The Sherwood Ghetto

What Katie Wore In The Sherwood Ghetto

Male VO: The year is 2042. A dystopian urban underworld where the rich have grown fat and the poor write nonsensical graffiti on half-constructed porch extensions. Only one woman can fix this broken society.


The pitch: So basically, Nottingham-based Boots the Chemist have got some Robin Hood DNA or something stored in their underground cryo-vaults which they reanimate using some hardass secret procedure developed by NASA during the Cold War or something. The result: a reanimated futuristic femme fatale in Lincoln Green brought back from the past to kick society’s butt (and maybe, just maybe, find true love along the way). Think Demolition Man meets SATC. Guys love it. Girls love it. You would not believe the merch opportunities I’m talking about. Seriously guy, the initial research groups on this are off the chart.


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