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What Katie Wore

Taken In Some Soho Agency

I’m back from my bidnizz trip. What did I miss?

Katie’s visiting some other agency or other today – many thanks to whichever account exec that took the photo. Good job. Now fetch me a latte.

Today she’s wearing a dress from Shrinking Violet, Wolford tights, a belt from the Royal Logistics Corp (borrowed from her dad) and shoes from Sarenza.

(Oh, and I know how much you guys hate voting and stuff but just a reminder that it’s the last day of the Sarenza Trip To Paris competition, so if you can be bovved feel free to click and vote again. But don’t bother if you can’t be bothered. I wouldn’t want to put you out. You’re all very valued readers. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to do anything you didn’t want to. But if you want to click here feel free. But don’t feel obligated. You know, I write the blog every day for free for you guys because I love you guys. I don’t do it because I want anything in return. So don’t feel you owe me a click. Even though it would only take you like 6 seconds. I can always just look at pictures of Paris on the internet. I love the internet. Perhaps I can even get a designer to photoshop a picture of me and Katie holding hands with the Eifel Tower in the background. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just use some designer. Because you couldn’t be bothered to click).


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