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What Katie Wore

Taken After The Shark Trip

There were some fisherman chatting nuff ting yesterday about sighting a whole bunch of whale sharks a couple of hundred miles away – whale sharks are massive, the biggest fish in the sea. So, ignoring the fact that most fisherman are liars with substance abuse issues, we decided to tag along on a boat this morning with a few others from the hotel. And… we got to swim with whale sharks. It was awesome. We were able to get right up in their krill (geddit?!) just with a mask and flippers and they were huge too, easily 8 metres. Potential holiday highlight.

Today Katie wears another ASOS kaftan, Christian Dior sunglasses, and a little vintage fan from Thailand. And there’s yet another What You Wore pic for Suzuki At The Clothes Show (which is getting pretty close – you should get your pictures sent in if you want some free tickets). Anyway, check out What Dana Wore.

Cocktails: Daiquiri, Fantasy, Cuba Libre, Rusty Nail

Joe’s Tan Ranking: Monty “The Sikh Of Tweak” Panesar


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