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Taken After Too Many Katies

It’s been a slow day for some of us. Last night at a Christmas party Katie masterminded the genesis of a brand new cocktail which she imaginatively named the “Katie”. To make your own “Katie” take large and possibly equal measures of limoncello, whisky and vodka. Mix indiscriminately with or without ice or garnish. Probably drink from a mug. Clutch onto mug tightly while shouting at boyfriend that you definitely haven’t had enough and that it isn’t time to go home and that just because everyone else has left doesn’t mean that you’re leaving and who was it that called a taxi anyway I never called a taxi where are we because I was thinking and you really and will we be able to get any food on the way and did you see that they had a karaoke machine and…

Sick girl recovers in Underground Originals winklepickers, Tabio tights, Plein Sud dress and vintage jumper.


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