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What Katie Wore

Taken On WKW Retail Opportunity Day

I might have made passing comment this morning about how the outfit Katie was wearing made my brain hurt. In a childish fit of pique, she changed into an entirely black ensemble and has spent the whole day mugging me off, OnlyWayIsEssex style. So I’m selling the blog.

Perhaps you run one of those denim brands with all of the gems, embroidery and rips, worn solely by Eastern Europeans of ill-repute. Make me an offer. WKW is the perfect marketing platform for you.

Or maybe you’ve inherited a mildly carcinogenic cosmetics brand and want someone in the blogosphere to tout your tat until the model’s cheeks drop off. Just holler. I’m all over it.

In short, whether you’re looking to push ciggies on kids or you’re an ad agency specialising in work for price comparison websites (I’m not sure which is more reprehensible) just sling me some wedge and WKW is yours. I’m done with it.

Sales Lot 1 wears Russell and Bromley boots, BrandAlley dress and Day Birger et Mikkelsen coat.


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