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What Katie Wore

Taken On Valentine’s Day 2011


Sorry for the rubbishy pic – I left the camera and stuff at work and so my iphone had to suffice.

I was planning on cooking some lovely baby calf for Katie this evening. But its eight o’clock and she’s not home yet. So I’ve provisionally booked a date down the road at a meatfest of a restaurant called Brawn (assuming she turns up). It’s mega nom. Especially if you’re into eating bits of meat most people would throw away. Which we are.

Katie wears an I Love Boxie t-shirt which says “What Joe Wrote”. Nice eh? FYI – I Love Boxie was glasses-wearing-fashionista-bird Grace Woodward’s top Valentine’s day gift according to this week’s Metro. So we’re bang on trend. (Plus Katie knows the lovely lady behind Boxie).

Hope you all get covered in nasty love bites tonight.



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