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Taken Half Way Through The Weekend

We’ve still got two more days left of our weekend so I’m planning on staying up late tonight to watch the new series of The Only Way Is Essex and tweet about my pejazzel to Lotte Jones. Speaking of which…

Dear ITV Public Relations Team,

Please can you fix it for Katie to get an Essex makeover from the TOWIE women (including spray tan, blonde dye job, acrylics, that rude thing, etc). It would be well good. While I wait for her, I could just cotch in the Sugar Hut with Arg and Mark and maybe chirps on some birds and then talk about our feelings.

Please let me know ASAP. (FYI – We’d also consider going on Midsomer. Although Katie’s not actually English and much of what I say is in Jamaican patois. To be honest, The Only Way Is Essex is a much better fit for both of us).

Best regards,


[Well done if you’re still reading this far… Katie wears Coast dress, Miss Selfridge shoes, Manoush body warmer and Luella bag].


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