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Taken on Scarf Thursday

Hey all, Joe’s in the air on his way back from a meeting in Switzerland so it’s me again. Hello.

As you might have seen from my tweets, I made it to the Scarves book launch last night just in the nick of time. But glad I got there as it was lovely to see the ladies from Vintage Resource studio and briefly meet the brilliant Mawi too. No let up today; it’s been yet another cracker of a day, but constant gags around this outfit being the result of me road-testing Royal Wedding day outfits ahead of the big event have at least help keep spirits up (I feel a whatyouwore special coming up?)

Here I am doing Britain proud, inspired by a 1960s Jean Patou scarf. The palette and pattern made me go straight to this gorgeous dress from Upstyler, worn with my mum’s vintage Hermes scarf, wee Tabio bows around my ankles and accessorised by a cup of builders.

Hope you’re all having lovely Thursdays, and have a think about Royal Wedding outfits – something you fancy doing? x


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