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Taken When Everyone Mugged Joe Off

Hello. It’s Joe, back from my trip. Here is by no means a comprehensive list of people and companies that have mugged me off today:

1. The Swiss Hotel Jüngling who told me I hadn’t paid for breakfast when I clearly had.

2. The Swiss Airline Apparatchik who confiscated my expensive moisturiser (I have very delicate, Geisha-like skin) because it was 25ml over the permitted bottle size.

3. The taxi driver who decided that Brick Lane was an acceptable thoroughfare by which to reach Redchurch Street on a balmy Wednesday evening.

4. The clumpy mongface from the restaurant who allowed me to order three main courses when I clearly thought they were tiny little starters.

5. Katie for (a) not doing the blog herself today, (b) not charging the toothbrush, even though it had run out of batteries before I left, suggesting she’s had Stinkig Mund for the past couple of days, and (c) messing up the house with her girl mags and fabric bags.

What’s mugged you off? Let’s turn this into a therapy session.


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