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What Katie Wore

Taken When Katie Got Mugged Off By The PoPo

Some pikie nincompoop in a Streetcar hirejob bashed into Katie’s car the other week while it was parked up outside the crib. Fortunately the nice hipsters of E2 scribbled down the number plate as said nincompoop sped off. Naturally, we fully expected the local constabulary to be well pleased with our crowdsourced crime-busting. Not so. Instead the 5.0 have mugged Katie off with a pissy letter talking about what is and isn’t in the public’s interest. (Out: prosecuting criminal drivers; In: block colours and the SNP). DC – this is not the big society we all voted for. I’m half tempted to bring down a real rain of vigilante Streetcar keying. Run and tell that.

Skirt: Future Vintage; Ras shoes; lovely Temporary Secretary necklace and a vintage top.


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