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What Katie Wore

Taken For Hairdresser Search 2011

Katie looks pretty grumpy. There are two causes: 1) I’m being really annoying and 2) Chris at Hob, her hairdresser of 6 years, is moving to America and she’s had her last haircut from him before he goes.

So, Katie needs a new hairdresser. Any suggestions? The selection criteria are tough.

1. London based.

2. Able to coax and mollify a hungover gin-bag.

3. Able to serve a decent gin & tonic.

4. Proficient in The SpockThe Blackadder and The Horrors.

5. Katie doesn’t like choosing her own haircut. It’s your job to tell her what she’s having.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, let us know!

Young Blackadder wears a Flying A dress, vintage leather waistcoat from Oxfam and Underground Original boots.


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