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What Katie Wore

Taken In Trastevere, Rome

Ciao! Katie’s come out to join me in Rome! We’re staying at the beautiful Hotel San Anselmo and have spent the day wandering around in the sun, gorging on amazing food, drinking some wine and turning off our Blackberrys. Oh, and at one point Katie launched into an iconoclastic diatribe about how if Italy is so brassic, maybe they should just melt some of that shiny Church Gold down and flog it off. It’s possible a monk overheard. Mooching layabout monks.

Katie wears a Ganni dress and a knitted red bow tie from Dolly Knits.

Any suggestions for what we should do in Rome tomorrow?

P.S. Big birthday shout out to Lindsay from her sister Cecily. Take a look at her awesome site Thrifted And Modern. Yep. Turns out WKW now does birthday greetings. I feel like Andy Peters in the Broom Cupboard.


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