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What Katie Wore: The End!

Today marks the three year anniversary of What Katie Wore. And, its end.

We’re sorry to say that as of today, we’re retiring from the blogging game :(

Since we started this thing way back in 2009 the missus has worn over 1,000 different outfits and been seen by more than 5 million people in over 100 countries. Not bad going for something that started as a bet after Katie complained about me never writing her any love letters. I reckon I’ve now won that bet.

Doing the blog has been tonnes of fun. It’s brought us closer together. And it’s made us very happy indeed. A huge thank you to everyone that’s popped by, left us a comment, dropped us a tweet or given Katie something to wear. (An especially massive thank you to Mr. Anthony Burrill for creating the special one-off print above to mark the end of the blog).

Without the blog we’re going to be able to spend lots more time together – probably either eating Chinese food or fixing up our little house. Keep in touch and we’ll let you know what’s next. There will definitely be something…

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Love to you all. And thanks again for all the good times.




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