What Katie Wore - A Different Outfit Every Day - Part 2

What Katie Wore

Taken On Portugal Day 2

Today we embarked on an ill-conceived get-healthy plan. Up at 7.30am for an hour in the gym (weights + treadmill + cross-trainer = minor lolz), then a bunch of lengths in the pool followed by a brisk 3 hour walk along the beach (adittedly via a bar). Now Katie’s off for her golf lesson whilst I smash a colonic (by which I mean, whilst I have a drink and play Scrabble on my iPad in the sunshine).

Katie wears a Ganni dress and carries b-store shoes, a present from Jasmine.

Tonight we’re off to Willies for dinner. I’ll probably just have a green salad. No dressing. I’m sooo healthy right now.

What Katie Wore

Taken On Portugal Day 1

Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo. As ever, we’re in Portugal for the new year, staying at the very relaxing Pinecliffs. It’s the warmest it’s ever been too.

I’ve just had my siesta (two beers at lunchtime put me to sleep) and now we’re off out for a South American meat fest at Parrilla Natural.

Katie wears a vintage outfit with her brand new gold shoes from the Zara sale. She’s not stopped talking about her gold shoes all day. Little girls stop and point at them.

What Katie Wore

Taken After Winter Cleaning

It’s nice being back in our wee house. We did a bit of sales browsing (we need to get a sofa – any suggestions?) then I cooked a lamb tagine while Katie scrubbed the house from top to bottom. We’re sooo totes middle-aged-domesticated right now – we’re like an 80s BBC sitcom.

I’m sure at some point Katie is going to stop wearing the bowler hat – she looks in need of some milk-plus with the droogs. The boots are Underground Originals, the trews are Rutme and the dress is Whistles.

Tomorrow’s post coming from warmer climes (hopefully). Kat Slater. X

What Katie Wore

Taken By The Firth

This is an atmospheric photo eh pal? If the Kingdom of Fife tourist board would like to use it, they’re more than welcome. We’ve just left K’s house and are chillin’ first class on the train back to the LDN. Except they aren’t doing bacon sandwiches and the trolley woman looks like she might have done time (and would happily do more time if I dare ask for a bacon sandwich again). Even though the menu says “bacon sandwiches” and makes no mention of the egg ‘n’ cress junk she’s peddling.

Katie wears a vintage red dress, Howies shirt and a Harvey Nichols scarf. I’m starving. I’m going to brave the buffet car.

What Katie Wore

Taken In Katie’s Garden

Here’s Katie in her garden, almost getting blown into the sea. We’re back to London tomorrow but first there’s a lot of leftovers to get through and The Sound of Music on the telly.

Katie wears her dad’s bowler hat, a fluffy gilet from TK Maxx and a Year Zero plastic heart necklace.

What Katie Wore

Taken On Little Baby Jesus’ Birthday

Merry Christmas y’all.

We’re well into the champagne (and managed a wee pint in the local too). Katie’s in a vintage dress, Les Queues de Sardines tights and a ridiculous lump of bling from Fee Fee La Fou Enterprises, both presents from me. What do you reckon to that diamond, Heather?!

The Fat Fauntleroy wears Sinclair tartan trews (thanks Jane and David – they were handmade for me by Watson Hogg in Auchterarder), Burberry tramp coat and Cordings hat. Plus, check out my amazing Sinclair crest signet ring from tha’ bird, via Laing the jewellers.

What Katie Wore

Taken On Christmas Eve

Would you believe this is the 3rd Christmas Eve for What Katie Wore? Amazing eh? It’s almost 3 years since I took the photo for the very first post (Katie looked well moody).

Hope you’re all feeling very festive with a big pile of presents under the tree and several drunk relatives quietly snoozing nearby.

Christmas Love, J&K


What Katie Wore

Taken Pre Wishart

We’re in the Kingdom of Fife. It’s not snowing. And we’re off to our favourite meal of the year at Martin Wishart’s in Leith. Katie’s in Manoush and looking tres glamourous. Got to dash – just time to put the angel onto the tree. The hideous, angry angel.


What Katie Wore

Taken Pre Space

[Insert mildly amusing blog post here].

What Katie Wore

Taken After The Strategist’s Christmas Party

It was a very late night last night. Just time for a quick photo, a big curry and a big sleep. No work for me tomorrow – I’m done for 2011. Time to buy Katie a Christmas present. What do you think she’d like?

K wears a New Look dress, American Apparel tights and rabbit fur Muks Mukluks boots.

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